Poradnia Akademicka WSG

Academic Clinic at WSG


Ladies and gentlemen,

Due to the ongoing epidemic in Poland, we invite employees and students of WSG to use free psychological / therapeutic support provided by specialists from the Academic Clinic of WSG.

Remember that each of us sometimes needs words of encouragement and support, each of us has the right to experience difficult emotions,  hence our offer to you.

We offer you:

  1. Consultations, telephone support:

- Agnieszka Suchecka-Maklakiewicz (psychologist) – Mon - Tuesday 8am -11am;

- Ewa Kaniewska-Mackiewicz (therapist, pedagogue, medical analyst) – Mon. – Fri. 12.00-3pm. 

2. Support, e-mail advice - regular.

3. Support, advice, consultation by MS Teams:

Agnieszka Suchecka-Maklakiewicz - Mon - Tuesday 8am -11am;

- Ewa Kaniewska-Mackiewicz - Mon. – Fri. 12.00-3pm. 


1. Support, consultations by MS Teams should be arranged in advance by phone or e-mail.

2. For English-speaking students, we offer support via MS Teams with participation of English translator.



- 52 567 07 95

- 691 863 111 - direct contact - Ewa Kaniewska-Mackiewicz;






Remember! We follow and support you.


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